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This article is about Minigunner. You may be looking for the golden counterpart, the Golden Minigunner, the toy version of this tower, or the Minigun Sentry.

"A high-firerate tower that carries a M61 Vulcan Gatling Gun"
―Store Description
"A high-firerate tower that carries a Vulcan M14-A2 Gatling Gun"
―Former Store Description


The Minigunner is a fast firing tower purchasable from the store for Coin 5,000. It has a level requirement of Level 5.

Before the Minigunner starts firing, it needs to rev up its M61 Vulcan. If there are no enemies in its range, it will wait for around a second for an enemy to enter its range. If no enemy enters its range in that time, it begins to deactivate the gun, and will need to rev the gun up again when a enemy enters its range. It fires bullets at enemies at a fast firerate, which is why the Minigunner is regarded by some as one of the best towers due to its high DPS and relatively cheap cost compared to other high DPS towers, like the Turret. Additionally, there is no limit for the amount of Minigunners you can place down during a game, which is not the case for other high DPS towers.

This is mostly considered a mid-game to late-game tower, but it can be used as an early-game tower if you have enough money for it.


Level 1 - Improved Handling - Money (Gameplay Currency)$500
Minigunner Upgrade 1 New.png

+2 Range Range

0.148 > 0.108 Firerate Firerate

Sell Price changes to Money (Gameplay Currency)$833

Level 2 - Heat Vision Goggles - Money (Gameplay Currency)$650
Minigunner​ Upgrade 2 New.png

+1 Range Range

+Hidden Detection Hidden Detection

Sell Price changes to Money (Gameplay Currency)$1050

Level 3 - Geared Up - Money (Gameplay Currency)$5,500
Minigunner Upgrade 3 New.png

+1 Damage Damage

0.108 > 0.058 Firerate Firerate

Sell Price changes to Money (Gameplay Currency)$2,883

Level 4 - Futuristic Armory - Money (Gameplay Currency)$9,000
Minigunner​ Upgrade 5 New.png

+2 Range Range

+2 Damage Damage

Sell Price changes to Money (Gameplay Currency)$5,883

Stats Table

To see all the previous statistics of this tower, see the history page, while for the statistics without the Firerate Bug, visit the Firerate Bug page.

Level Total Price Damage Firerate Range DPS[1]
0 Money (Gameplay Currency)$2,000 1 0.148 16 6.76
1 Money (Gameplay Currency)$2,500 1 0.108 18 9.26
2 Money (Gameplay Currency)$3,150 1 0.108 19 9.26
3 Money (Gameplay Currency)$8,650 2 0.058 19 34.48
4 Money (Gameplay Currency)$17,650 4 0.058 21 68.97


To see all the upgrades of a skin, see the gallery page.

Skin Blue Green Black Ops Golden[2]
Cost Coin 1,250 Coin 1,250 RobuxIcon.png 125 N/A
Obtained From Basic Skincrate Basic Skincrate Premium Skincrate Golden Skincrate
Platinum Minigunner.png
Skin Pumpkin Heavy Platinum[3] Wraith
Cost N/A RobuxIcon.png 125 N/A RobuxIcon.png 250
Obtained From Halloween 2019 Skincrate
Pumpkin Skincrate
Premium Skincrate Platinum Skincrate Premium Skincrate
Skin Xmas Party Twitter Toy
Cost N/A N/A N/A N/A
Obtained From Christmas 2019 Skincrate Party Skincrate Code:
Toy Skincrate
Skin Bunny Hazmat Ghost Frost
Cost N/A RobuxIcon.png 250 N/A N/A
Obtained From Bunny Skincrate Premium Skincrate Spooky Skincrate Frost Skincrate
Ducky Minigunner.png
Skin Community Crusader Ducky
Cost N/A N/A N/A
Obtained From Code:
Solar Eclipse Season Hunting Season


  • The Minigunner should be one of the towers that is placed down the most. Place them in a large group near the front of the track if possible, or place them in an area that covers a lot of path (for example inside corners).
    • Having a Commander or DJ Booth nearby helps a lot.
      • Be aware that the Minigunner is quite affected by the Firerate Bug due to its fast firerate, so the Commander buff is less effective on it.
    • The Minigunner does not have a placement limit, unlike other high DPS towers, like the Ranger and Turret. If you still can place down towers, then the Minigunner can be a great choice.
  • Midway through the game, several Level 3-4 Minigunners are effective in wiping out hordes of enemies for an effective price.
  • If you plan to save up for this in the early stages of the game, you should have teammates with reliable towers, such as the Soldier, Golden Scout, or Crook Boss.
    • You may also want to consider using the Farm to get an early game Minigunner.
  • While this is a cost-effective way to triumph maps, this is not the best tower in terms of DPS.
    • In terms of DPS and range, the Turret, Accelerator and Ranger are far more effective. However, they are quite expensive and have their own limitations, like placement limits.
  • This tower is heavily affected by the defense from enemies like the Giant Boss and Templar. In most cases, the Minigunner will only deal half damage to such enemies.
    • Towers that can reduce defense help improve the Minigunner's damage against such enemies.
  • If playing on Normal or Molten modes, the Minigunner should be placed down right before the Slow Boss appears as it has higher health than most of the other enemies that spawn.
  • The Minigunner can be a cheap and effective way to wipe out hidden enemies, like the Invisible and Shadow Boss.
  • Because of the Minigunner's long range, it does not need to be placed right next to the path. This spot can be reserved for towers with shorter range, such as the Crook Boss or Shotgunner.


  • When the game was in Alpha, the Minigunner's upgrade stats were not displayed on its upgrade description. It was simply referred to as "sans big gun".
  • Before the 13th of October 2019, when the Minigunner was Level 2 or higher, its face changed from the Smile face to the Grr! face, despite the fact that the upgrade icon kept the Smile face.
  • The Minigunner was inspired by Tower Battles's Commando as well as Team Fortress 2's Heavy.
  • Prior to the 8th of August 2019, the Level 5 upgrade was a jetpack. Functionally, it performed the same as any other ground tower.
    • Regardless of being a flying tower upon reaching that level, the hitbox of the Minigunner did not change with the jetpack. They could still be stunned by rocks from Tanks or the shockwave from the Gravekeeper.
  • The M61 Vulcan used by most variants of the Minigunner was first popularized by R2D's Minigun.
  • The Minigunner currently has the most skins out of any tower in the game.
  • The Minigunner appears alongside the Pyromancer, Scout, Commander and Sniper on the "Triumph" screen.
    • During Hardcore testing, the Minigunner appeared alongside Commander on the "Triumph" screen.

Update History

For previous cosmetic variations, see the gallery page.

  • 14 June 2019
    • Minigunner added.
  • 3 August 2019
    • Statistical changes:
      • Level 4
        • Range decreased from +3 to +1.
      • Level 5
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$8,000 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$8,500.
        • Range decreased from +4 to +1.
  • 13 October 2019
    • Statistical changes:
      • Base
        • Range increased from 12 to 16.
    • New skins: Green, Blue, Black Ops, Golden
  • 18 October 2019
    • New skin: Pumpkin
    • Golden skin 25% damage buff added.
  • 9 November 2019
    • Golden damage buff can now stack with other damage buffs.
    • New skin: Heavy
  • 8 December 2019
    • New skin: Platinum, Wraith
    • Golden skin damage buff increased from 25% to 35%.
  • 24 December 2019
    • New skin: Xmas
  • 1 January 2020
    • New skin: Party
  • 12 January 2020
    • Golden skin damage buff increased from 35% to 50%.
    • Platinum skin damage buff increased from 15% to 25%.
  • 11 February 2020
    • New skin: Twitter
  • 4 March 2020
    • Bugfix: Muzzle flash bug fixed.
  • 18 March 2020
    • New skin: Toy
    • Bugfix: Visual shooting bug fixed.
  • 6 April 2020
    • New skin: Bunny
  • 29 April 2020
    • New skin: Hazmat
  • 26 May 2020
    • New firing animations.
  • 31 May 2020
    • Bugfix: Twitter Minigunner animations fixed.
  • 28 August 2020
    • New skin (Hardcore testing): King
  • 29 October 2020
    • Minigunner now needs to rev up to start firing.
    • Unlock cost increased from Coin 2,500 to Coin 5,000.
    • Firerate decreased due to the Firerate Bug being made less severe.
    • Level 5 requirement added.
    • Statistical changes:
      • Base
        • Firerate decreased from 0.2 to 0.18.
      • Level 1
        • Range decreased from +3 to +2.
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$250 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$350.
      • Level 2
        • Damage decreased from +1 to +0.
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$525 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$650.
      • Level 3
        • Firerate changed from 0.2 > 0.17 to 0.18 > 0.13.
        • Damage increased from +0 to +1.
        • Cost decreased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$2,000 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$1,500.
        • Renamed from Bandolier to Well Geared.
      • Level 4
        • Range decreased from +1 to +0.
        • Firerate changed from 0.17 > 0.09 to 0.13 > 0.08.
        • Cost decreased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$5,500 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$4,600.
        • Renamed from DUAL MINIGUNS to Dual Vulcans.
      • Level 5
        • Range increased from +1 to +2
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$8,500 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$9,000.
        • Renamed from High Tech Super Soldier to Futuristic Armory.
    • Bug: Toy Minigunner animations are broken.
    • Removed skins: Platinum, King
  • 31 October 2020
    • New skin: Ghost
  • 23 November 2020
    • Bugfix: Toy Minigunner fixed.
  • 8 May 2021
    • Statistical changes:
      • Base
        • Firerate decreased from 0.18 to 0.17.
      • Level 1
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$350 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$500.
        • Firerate changed from 0.18 to 0.17 > 0.13.
      • Level 3
        • Name changed from Well Geared to Geared Up.
        • Firerate changed from 0.18 > 0.13 to 0.13 > 0.08.
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$1,500 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$5,500.
      • Level 4
        • Name changed from Dual Vulcans to Futuristic Armory.
        • Damage increased from +0 to +2.
        • Range increased from +0 to +2.
        • Firerate changed from 0.13 > 0.08 to 0.08.
        • Cost increased from Money (Gameplay Currency)$3,600 to Money (Gameplay Currency)$9,000.
      • Level 5 removed
        • Statistics:
          • Name: Futuristic Armory
          • Cost: Money (Gameplay Currency)$9,000
          • +2 Damage
          • +2 Range
  • 26 May 2021
    • New skin: Community
  • 4 December 2021
    • New skin: Crusader
  • 12 March 2022
    • Firerate decreased due to the Firerate Bug being made less severe.
    • Statistical changes:
      • Base
        • Firerate decreased from 0.17 to 0.148
      • Level 1
        • Firerate changed from 0.17 > 0.13 to 0.148 > 0.108.
      • Level 3
        • Firerate changed from 0.13 > 0.08 to 0.108 > 0.058.
  • 17 April 2022
    • New skin: Ducky
  • 13 May 2022
    • Golden skin buffs removed.


  1. DPS does not consider rev-up time.
  2. Previously gave +50% DamageDamage Buff
  3. Removed
    Previously gave +25% DamageDamage Buff
  4. 4.0 4.1 Expired