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Daily Rewards are gifts that can be obtained by playing the game on a daily basis. It is one of the ways to obtain the Premium Skincrate without using RobuxIcon.png Robux. You can earn Coin 800 in total, every cycle, from Daily Rewards.

The Daily Rewards system itself is run on a 24-hour timer, meaning that you can claim rewards 24 hours after the last one. After 48 hours, the streak is broken and you are reset back to Day 1.

There are currently seven days in which you can build up your streak. After the seventh day, you are reset back to Day 1. The rewards are the same for each cycle.


Daily Rewards.png

Prior to the Overhaul Update, the daily reward system was slightly different. It ran on a 12-hour timer, meaning that you could claim rewards 12 hours after the last one. This meant that you can get two rewards in one day, if you timed it well enough. With this daily reward system, you could claim Coin 1,050 in total, every cycle, which is more than the current Daily Rewards system.


  • Day 1 – Coin 50
  • Day 2 – Coin 100
  • Day 3 – Coin 150
  • Day 4 – Coin 200
  • Day 5 – Coin 250
  • Day 6 – Coin 300
  • Day 7 – Premium Skincrate