Leaking (and possibly even using) any codes that are not meant to be used yet (such as codes intended for release by a public figure) will result in a ban on the official TDS Discord and TDS Wikia as per request of the developers. Only codes added to this page by TDS Wiki Staff are allowed to be redeemed.
Leaking the reward they give (such as the all the progression skins of a tower) will also lead to a block on the TDS Wikia.
We are not responsible for any action taken against those who leak the code or use the code.


Codes are little gifts that the developers sometimes give out that are redeemable for EXP, Coin Coins, Hardcore Gem Gems or sometimes towers, skins and emotes. On rare occasions, towers and emotes may be later moved to the store (like the Russian emote and John tower, now the Militant tower). Most codes can only be redeemed for a limited time, but some (like the Hunter tower) are available for extended periods of time.

You can redeem codes by inputting a code into the code box which is found on the left side of your screen in the form of a twitter logo whenever you are in the lobby.

For skin codes, you need to have the tower in question to redeem the code. If you do not have the tower, you cannot redeem the code.

All dates are in European Date Format (DD/MM/YYYY).

Code Rewards Code Created Status
celebration21[1] 1 Party Skincrate 09/06/2021 Expired
COMMUNITY20 Community Minigunner (Minigunner) 26/05/2021 Valid
200KMAY Hardcore Gem 500 26/05/2021 Expired
ROBLOXD1ED[2] 1 Premium Skincrate 13/05/2021 Expired
FIFTYK Coin 200 11/05/2021 Expired
BLOXY21 Bloxy Commander (Commander) 08/05/2021 Expired
delayed 1 Premium Skincrate 07/05/2021 Expired
teleportfailed[3] 1 Premium Skincrate 08/04/2021 Expired
itwasmortar Hardcore Gem 100 09/02/2021 Expired
imababy[4] Hardcore Gem 100 16/01/2021 Expired
roblox[5] Hardcore Gem 100[6] 16/01/2021 Expired
newyear2021[7] 1 Premium Skincrate 01/01/2021 Expired
2spooky4u[8] 1 Spooky Skincrate 23/11/2020 Expired
30k [9] 1 Pumpkin Skincrate 02/11/2020 Expired
1pumpkin [10] 1 Pumpkin Skincrate 31/10/2020 Expired
gems [11] Hardcore Gem 150 or Hardcore Gem 50 [12] 29/10/2020 Expired
launch [13] 2 Premium Skincrates 29/10/2020 Expired
DOUBLEBLOXIES [14] Kasodus Skin (Cowboy) 01/06/2020 Expired
ICYFREEZE [15] IcyTea Skin (Freezer) 27/05/2020 Expired
W33KLICODE 65 XP 01/05/2020 Expired
HAPPY3AST3R![16] Springtime Skin (Commander) 11/04/2020 Expired
SPR1NGM1L3ST0NE[17] Springtime Skin (Shredder) 06/04/2020 Expired
T3MPLAR 100 XP 04/03/2020 Expired
5KMILESTONE[18] Twitter Skin (Minigunner) 11/02/2020 Expired
ELECTRO Coin 100 11/02/2020 Expired
02MOMENT 100 XP 24/01/2020 Expired
MOAREXP 50 XP 29/01/2020 Expired
SW33TXP 50 XP 16/02/2020 Expired
GAMERMODE0N 50 XP Unknown Expired
R3TR0  50 XP 9/11/2019 Expired
TRICKORTREAT Halloween Skin (Hunter) 18/10/2019 Expired
B1RDHUNT3R Hunter 13/10/2019 Expired
THANKYOU[19] 100 XP 20/08/2019 Expired
3S8KZMC[20] Coin 250 & 50 XP 15/08/2019 Expired
SUMMER Coin 250 Unknown Expired
120K Coin 100 & 60 XP 02/08/2019 Expired
KITT3N[21] Coin 100 & 60 XP Unknown Expired
GOR1LLA[22] Coin 250 & 25 XP Unknown Expired
1MILVISITS Coin 500 28/06/2019 Expired
RAZ0RF1SH[23] Coin 100 & 60 XP Unknown Expired
10KPLAYERS Coin 100 & 100 XP 10/07/2019 Expired
SF0TH[24] Coin 350 24/06/2019 Expired
LONGWAIT[25] Coin 100, 50 XP & |Russian 19/07/2019 Expired
J0HNRBX[26][27][28] John 16/06/2019 Expired
JOHNROBLOX[29][30] Paintballer Unknown Expired
HAPPY4TH 84 XP 04/07/2019 Expired
FRIDAY Coin Unknown 14/06/2019 Expired


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  2. Had 40,000 stock
  3. https://twitter.com/razuatix/status/1380304371276124161 - Because of a bug, trying to redeem the code had a chance to not be redeemed for code being out of stock, however the code wasn't a stock code.
  4. Had 10,000 stock
  5. https://twitter.com/paradoxum_games/status/1350502546486554624 - Had 50,000 stock
  6. Redeeming it in an old server would cause you to get Coin 100.
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  12. Those who redeemed early got Hardcore Gem 50 due to a glitch with the code.
  13. https://twitter.com/paradoxum_games/status/1322257910035075073 - Had 5,000 stock
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  23. RazorFishGaming's YouTube code.
  24. SFOTH Event
  25. Russian has been moved to the emote shop for Coin 650.
  26. JOHN ROBLOX's second code
  27. John has been moved to the store for Coin 1,000.
  28. Before 30/06/2019, code also gave Coin 250.
  29. JOHN ROBLOX's first code
  30. Paintballer has been moved to the store for Coin 150.

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